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Race to Nowhere

This documentary points to problems with excessive focus on tests, performance in our school system and reflects the problem I have with the Tiger Mom mentality.  I was in this Race for 13 years (5 years of high school and 8 years of university education).  While I don’t want to sound ungrateful or take my education for granted because it has afforded me a good career, the education system is Extremly Inefficient in my opinion.  What I mean is that the ratio of meaningful benefit or knowledge that you take away vs. the amount of hours you spent “learning” in the system is very poor.  We’ve all had the experience of self directed learning in our regular life, whether it be a hobby or something to fix around the house.  We encounter a problem or want to do something and we go out to find a solution for it and we learn along the way.  It may not be very organized, but every bit of learning was purposeful and useful.  If our higher education system trained our woodworkers, they would probably make them study the histology of all kinds of wood, perhaps memorize the different wood pattern, long before they are allowed to cut any wood.

So I’ve spent 8 years of post secondary training to prepare for my career, you think I would be an expert in what I do. No, school was partly a foundation, partly a piece of paper you need to get into the door, and a good amount of wasted energy in pointless homework and learning … read more