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New York Times costs Nelly Furtado $1M

The New York Times reported that Nelly Furtado made $1 million for her performance for the Gadhafi family in 2007 for a 45min performance.  After the report came out, Furtado said she will donate the $1 million to charities.  I have to give her props for donating the money, because she obviously didn’t want to.   We all knew who Gadhafi was in 2007.  You had to know that to be paid $1.33 million/hour, there had to be something UP… nobody with a government salary would spend like that.  The same way that Canadian oil companies in Libya knew that their business also had to contribute to Gadhafi’s regime.   The same way that when Wall Street CEOs gets millions in severance for running their companies to the ground, you had to know there’s something UP.  But it’s all legal because that’s the system we live in and we all play the same game.  I mean that’s why Celebrities are so appealing because it’s a sweet gig and you make easy money.  That’s why I give Nelly Furtado props for donating the whole amount despite her intentions, because she really didn’t have to…  We need to change the system.