keeping the economy honest

Sweet Gigs

These are either readers’ ideas or my own contribution.  Please understand that I don’t mean to belittle any profession here because my profession is overcompensated too.  And if I was in their shoes living in this skewed free market, I would do exactly the same.  For those who don’t agree with my economic views, just take it as list of good career choices you might want to consider.  If you know any Sweet Gigs, please let me know with the form below!


Title : Longshoreman
Earnings: –         $60-150K per year 

–         pay and benefits are awesome

Tasks: –         load and unload cargo at the port. 

–          driving containers around the yard

–         operating cranes

Education: -There are no educational requirements for the job
Qualfications: -need to be physically fit 

-need to be able to follow instructions

Competition Barrier: (High and mysterious) -all long shore labor is run through unions 

-there’s a long waitlist to join and no clear path to becoming one

-word on the street is that having the right connection is important, family members are often referred

Outlook: -fair


Title : Mega Church Prosperity Preacher
Earnings: – Average salary of 105 megachurch pastors surveyed in 2008 was about $150,000, with the highest-paid receiving about $300,000. according to Scott L. Thumma’s study, a sociology of religion professor at the Hartford Institute for Religion Research.  Significantly more if you can branch into other communication mediums such as TV ministry or books.
Tasks: -Weekly sermon with emphasis on love and positive attitude -Motivate people that God will make their lives better and God has a good reason for whatever is happening to them.
Education: -Some religious training helpful, but not necessary as in Joel Osteen’s case
Qualfications: -Must be a charismatic public speaker -Always have a positive outlook on issues-Experience in motivational speaking is helpful
Competition Barrier: (High) -Position usually decided by retiring pastor, often to the prodigal son or the inside circle. -there’s no audition for the public showcase their theological knowledge or motivational speaking skills
Outlook:(Good) -More difficult economic environment will make more people wanting to seek positive messages and a source of comfort. -More new members should compensate for any drop in donation from existing members due to tighter budget


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