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Don’t feel bad for Tiger Woods!

There has been much talk about whether Tiger Woods’ glory days are behind him due to his recent poor performance.  I don’t pretend to be a golf expert, but I don’t think we should feel bad at all for Tiger.   Here’s why…..I think the reason why Tiger Woods was so successful was because during his haydays, golf was not a developed sport such as hockey or basketball.  So, the competition during that time was limited.  There’s no doubt that Tiger is a very talented golfer and worked hard as he was almost unbeatable during the nascence of golf as a popular sport.   As more money he made, the sport also took off and appealed to a wider population.  Many people saw the appeal and entered the sport .  Now, golf is much more developed and widely played internationally by young talents like Rory McIlroy,  Martin Kaymer and 17-year-old Italian Matteo Manassero.   Of the top 10 male golfers, only 4 are Americans and on the female side, I can’t even pronounce their names.  This more depth in competition is a direct cause of Tiger’s recent troubles.  Tiger was overrated before and it’s impossible for anyone to live to that expectation.

If all the kids today dropped their hockey sticks and basketballs, and started curling, I guarantee that at least half of the national curling team would not be there due to a more developed curling sport … read more