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Do you know what “Shabby Chic” means?

I don’t think my wife understands the term “Shabby Chic”.  The true spirit of shabby chic is being resourceful, conserving,  use what you have access to make life as comfortable as  you can.  For example, you made a coffee table from some recycled wooden fence.  Things may be a little worn, old, but they’re functional and didn’t cost much.  And if you don’t care about how they look or what other people think, there’s beauty in that lifestyle and confidence and people are starting to appreciate it.  However, it has also been hijacked by some high end designers.  My wife has recently being “Shabby Chic” by buying a pair of Vintage Cotton pillow cases similar to these ones for $75.   Ok, if you actually sewed them from a pair of really old white T-shirts, then it qualifies Shabby Chic for me.    But I guess i was wrong, that would have just been Shabby, it’s the $75 that really made it Chic.


2 responses to “Do you know what “Shabby Chic” means?

  1. tracy February 6, 2011 at 9:32 am

    I think you make a good point about the concept of Shabby Chic. The true spirit of it should lie in recycling/reusing old items and making them fashionable or functional again. Instead, designers and marketers have somehow succesfully convinced the mass market that it is acceptable and even desirable to over-pay for Shabby Chic fashion. I am for one guilty of paying for a pair of boyfriend jeans that have been given the so-called “weathered” look! That will be my first and last purchase. 🙂

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