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HOV lane doesn’t work

HOV is misuse of resources in my opinion. Many times, the HOV lane is empty or sparse, when the other two lanes are congested or much slower.  I understand HOV has a good intention in trying to encourage carpool.  But saving gas is by far the dominating reason for people to carpool.  If two people find it convenient for them to go to work together, then they probably would carpool  to save on gas.  If it’s not convenient,  like one person might not be reliable with time or they don’t want feel obligated to talk to the other person,  then  they probably wouldn’t carpool even if it means spending more on gas.

But no two people who like to enjoy the morning commute alone would carpool because they get to use the HOV lane so they can get to work a little earlier.  So exclusive use of the HOV lane  is not going to push the decision to the other side, when gas saving is not incentive enough.  So in reality, HOV doesn’t reduce the number of cars on the road, it just rearranges them, so a few cars get to go faster who would carpool anyway without HOV, but most cars are forced to go slower with a lower MPG.  That’s worse for the environment.


One response to “HOV lane doesn’t work

  1. Michelle January 31, 2011 at 2:59 am

    Hehe. You’re very concise, and what you’re saying totally makes sense. I never even thought about some of these things before… I’ll continue following your blog and reading your ramblings 🙂

    I left the URL of my blog… as you can see, I started it in December and I’ve only written one blog so far, lol. I’m such a slacker… but you were the inspiration behind it! 🙂

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